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Space Invaders movie planned

Mike Fleming Jr writing for Deadline:

Warner Bros has set Black List writer Dan Kunka to script a live-action film from the video game Space Invaders. Kunka has experience finding movies out of high concept, as evidenced by how he made the Black List when he converted a 52-page spec Yellowstone Falls into a film about wolves fighting zombies.

No idea how they're going to turn that into a movie. On one hand, it's a concept limited by the fact that the game is just about turrets firing up at waves of invading aliens. On the other hand, an onslaught of aliens attacking Earth could still give them a lot of creative flexibility. 

According to Deadline, the writer is doing very well for himself, so I'm hoping for the latter. It could easily go either way, but considering that Universal Pictures somehow managed to come up with a feature-length story based off the Hasbro game Battleships, then I'm willing to see what Warner Bros can come up with for this.

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