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Terminator Salvation puppet rehearsal

Terminator Salvation is, quite sadly, the most disappointing movie in the series. That being said, I love seeing stuff about Terminator endoskeletons and this behind-the-scenes video of them rehearsing with one of the puppets is really intriguing. 

Matt Winston writing for the Stan Winston School of Character Arts

TERMINATOR SALVATION introduced a host of new Terminator models, from aquatic hydrobots to hulking T-600s, and director McG was eager to realize them using the same blend of Practical Effects and CGI that had given the cyborg assassins of the first three films their gritty, tactile realism.

Talking purely from an effects point of view, whilst I'm not sure the look of the rubbery skin matched my preconceived expectations based off of Kyle Reese's description of the T-600s in the first movie, I feel that they achieved a far better balance of practical and CGI effects than they did on Terminator 3.  

As a fan of the franchise, I'm actually really psyched about the new movie coming out, and I do hope that there'll be plenty of practical effects used where appropriate. Because it really can make a difference.

Then again, as Terminator Salvation proved, so can a good director and a good script.

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