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Star Trek coming to Family Guy mobile game

Eddie Makuch, writing for Gamespot:

Developer TinyCo and Fox Digital Entertainment on Thursday announced a limited-time Star Trek in-game event that will take place March 19 through April 30.

Throughout the six-week event, players will be challenged to explore the USS Enterprise and “boldly go where no mobile game has gone before.”

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff - Star Trek Launch Trailer

I was never able to get into The Quest for Stuff, but the Star Trek licence has definitely given me a reason to give it another look, especially given that it even features the voice cast of The Next Generation.

It's just a shame that something like this is only going to exist for a short amount of time and that there won't be the option to keep replaying it beyond that.

Edit: So it turns out that it doesn't start you off on the Star Trek themed portion of the game. I'm not sure how far you have to get through before you reach it, but I'm already bored and not sure that I will ever stick with it long enough to find out, sadly.

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