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Incredible new shots of the original Enterprise model

Last month I wrote about the USS Enterprise conservation project at the Smithsonian, which is a fantastic endeavour to restore the original model of the USS Enterprise.

My friend Chris today told me about Nick Acosta of Cargo Collective, who has gone a step further by taking photos of the original model at the Smithsonian and then re-compositing the photos into the Star Trek feature film shots.

Nick Acosta, writing for Cargo Collective:

I think the model still holds up beautifully, especially when it is properly lit and the ship’s lights are illuminated. I did my best to replicate the proper lighting and look of the ship when I composited it into these famous Star Trek movie scenes.

It's interesting to see the original ship in scenes which originally featured either the refit Enterprise or the JJ Abrams model. Even though it shouldn't, it really does surprise me how much of a difference it makes to see the original model in these shots rather than an attempt at an accurate CGI or real-world model facsimile.

Absolutely stunning work.

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