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Six minute preview for Supergirl TV series

Following the phenomenal success of Arrow and The Flash, another DC property will appear on our screens starting in November.

Ben Pearson, writing for GeekTyrant:

CBS has released an extended trailer for their new Supergirl TV show, and it’s a six and a half minute first look at what we can expect from the series.


The DC television universe is shaping up fantastically, and the preview they've released is amazing. I love Melissa Benoist's portrayal of the character and I'm excited at seeing what they do with the show. 

Helen Slater was wonderfully charming as Supergirl in the original movie, especially in contrast to  Laura Vandervoort's initially colder, more alien portrayal of her in Smallville. But I recall seeing a video interview where Slater spoke about how the movie missed the opportunity to explore the more vulnerable side to the character; a girl who was in school, lacking in self-confidence and dealing with the kind of struggles most girls that age have to deal with. Although Benoist's Supergirl isn't in school anymore (which I imagine is likely to detract from comparisons with Smallville), the six minute preview appears to be showing us a far more vulnerable Kara Zor-El, and that's something that intrigues me a lot about it. Plus, it feels like she's going to be a bit more reckless than Jonathan Kent would ever have allowed Clark/Superman to be at that age.

Also of note is Calista Flockhart's character, Kara's bitchy boss, Cat Grant. My initial fear from watching the trailer was that she might become a somewhat two-dimensional character, but given that Cat Grant is already part of Superman lore and that they've switched her up from just being a gossip columnist, I have a feeling that that won't be the case. And there's something about her performance in that brief clip that I do absolutely love.

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