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Star Trek: Captain Pike

I'm back online after moving into a new place. It's the first time in at least seven years since I've lived on my own, and my new apartment is wonderful. Now that I'm mostly settled and the stress of moving is finally over, I can now return with this interesting piece of news for all you fellow Star Trek fans out there...

Via Kickstarter:

Christopher Pike is the Captain seen in the original Star Trek Pilot “The Cage”, played by Jeffrey Hunter. He was Captain of the Enterprise before Captain Kirk. And his story has never been told, until now.
In the original Star Trek Pilot, “The Cage”, set in the year 2254. Captain Pike and his crew are returning from Rigel VII, where several members of the landing party were killed by the inhabitants.

The incident filled Pike with so much guilt that he is considering resigning his commission. But that’s all we know about Captain Pike, and we want to know so much more. Don’t you?

Not only am I surprised by the number of unofficial Star Trek projects currently in the works, but also the amazing support provided by core actors from the various Star Trek television series. Not to mention the talented Tobias Richter whose VFX work is rather impressive.

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