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Independence Day: Resurgence

There was a big announcement last night regarding Independence Day 2: it was revealed that the title will be Independence Day: Resurgence. It’s exactly the kind of title that you would expect from a sequel like this.

I completely agree. It feels fitting for a movie about the return of an race of aliens hellbent on invasion. GeekTyrant also have some early set photos showing what we humans have built to defend ourselves, along with a video of the announcement. Although I can't help but feel that videos showing just the title are mostly pointless these days.

Also of note; the sequel's title is being shortened to IDR, albeit advertised with a hashtag, in the same way that the original was shortened to ID4 before hashtags were a thing. But it's probably also important for them to push that before people ruin it by tagging everything with #ID2.

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