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27 interesting facts about JJ's Star Trek

I'm a huge Star Trek fan. It's been a huge part of my life and I've always tried to learn as much about the things that happened off-screen as well as on. I'm also usually put off by click-bait headlines such as "27 geeky things about...", especially when it comes to either Star Trek or Back to the Future, both of which are franchises I consider myself well-versed about.

But this one is from Den of Geek, which isn't a click-bait site. And their article about the new Star Trek movies threw up a load of facts about the JJ universe which I was surprised to discover I didn't even know about, especially with regards to deleted scenes which I have not yet seen. One of my favourite points in particular is surrounding the fact that the original Enterprise that we grew up watching did exist in JJ's timeline. The Enterprise we see in his film isn't just a different design from the original we knew and loved, but is a second Constitution Class Enterprise following on from the one depicted in The Original Series.

Sven Harvey, writing for Den of Geek:

16. In the story universe, the ship in the film is the second Constitution Class USS Enterprise, according to the back story worked out for the film, that was explored in the in-canon IDW/Bad Robot comics. When Starfleet (via Section 31?) discovered that the Klingons had reverse engineered technology from the Narada while Nero and his crew were on Rura Penthe, operatives smuggled out the technology. This is where the major changes in technology occur in the alternative timeline.

As the Klingon Defence Force replaced its D-7 Battle Cruisers with the vessels designated as Klingon Warbirds by Starfleet, Starleet started replacing its fleet too, with the original Constitution Class USS Enterprise having already completed its tour of duty with Captain Robert April (who faked his own death) , and a tour with Captain Pike (including the events of The Cage, perhaps) before being decommissioned and directly replaced with the Constitution (Mark 2?) class vessel seen in the film.

Well worth a read.

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