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Terminator Genisys director on that spoiler-filled trailer

The trailer for the latest movie in the Terminator franchise sadly contains a huge spoiler of one of the most interesting twists in the entire movie. If you've managed to miss the trailer so far, then actively avoid it like the plague, otherwise it will ruin the experience for you.

Mike Ryan, writing for Uproxx:

Also surprised by this trailer was Terminator: Genisys director Alan Taylor, who certainly directed the movie in a way where we aren’t supposed to know that detail right away. Taylor admits that the marketing of Terminator: Genisys has been an ‘interesting lesson.’

I'm just glad to hear that he was also pissed off at the trailer the marketing team threw together. I understand the challenges they faced, but it was bad form of them. It's an interesting interview, and Alan also touches briefly on how creating Marvel's Thor: The Dark World was a tough experience for him. 

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