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New Years Resolutions

Shortly before Christmas, I was invited by Joel Duggan to join him and the rest of the gang on the Christmas Special of his podcast, The Citadel Cafe. For those of you unfamiliar with it, it's a brilliant show where he and his friends hang out to talk about all the geeky things they're into. Joel himself is a very talented artist and an all-round wonderful human being and I highly recommend listening to the podcast and checking out his online webcomic; Starcrossed

He's always been very supportive of me and this site. So much so, that even though I stopped posting on here months ago, every now and then he politely suggests/bugs me to update things here. Sadly, life got in the way during 2016 — as life tends to do — and I no longer felt like I had the time to do the amount of work on the site that I wanted. But admittedly, Joel's constant reminders that I have this site helped kick me back into gear into doing something about it (motivation is hard).

I'm not normally a New Years resolution kind of guy, but during the show I announced that this year mine would be a simple one; write one new post for Oh my Zod. I figure that a single small step is an infinitely easier step than "POST ALL THE THINGS!"

To that end, I've made things simpler by changing the entire look and feel of the site, which is admittedly far more work than I was intending to do but it should make it easier for me to keep the site up-to-date with new content without being too bogged down with layout and image-related things. It's far more minimalistic than the previous design and I hope you like it.

So here we go; my New Year's resolution is finally complete - a new post, as promised.   I hope that any resolutions you may have are successful and feel equally rewarding. 


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