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Some Zelda Master Edition Pre-orders cancelled

Zelda: Breath of the Wild is Nintendo's biggest launch title for the Nintendo Switch and also the final game to be launched on the Wii U. 

In addition to the standard release of the game on both platforms, the Switch version is also available in two separate limited editions; the Special Edition and the Master Edition. The latter (shown below) includes everything in the Special Edition plus the Master Sword Statue and a distinct black collectors box.

The game is due for release on March 3rd, but there are currently a flood of comments on Reddit by Amazon US customers who've just found that their Master Edition pre-orders have been cancelled.

Reddit user Sonic_13 posted the cancellation email he received from Amazon:

We’re contacting you about order #XXXXXX for the following item(s):
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Master Edition - Nintendo Switch
We’re unable to fulfill your order for the item(s) listed above because they aren’t available from the supplier any longer. As a result, we’ve cancelled them from your order and your original payment method won’t be charged.
We’re sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment this may have caused. To help make up for the inconvenience, we’ve applied a $10 Amazon.com Gift Card to your account. This amount will be applied to your next eligible order automatically without entering a claim code.
We appreciate your business and hope to see you again soon.
Customer Service Amazon.com

The number of cancellations is staggering. It's somewhat distressing reading all the comments of people who've been affected. Amazon is offering a $10 gift card as compensation for the cancellations, but even pre-orders for the regular version of the game on Amazon have been sold-out for a while now.

Based on a lot of the comments being posted, it's not entirely clear where the cause of the problem lies. There's a lot of speculation going on, ranging from it being due to a system glitch when pre-orders initially went live last month to a shipment going missing, or simply that Nintendo haven't been able to fulfil the number of orders that Amazon were expecting.

Whatever the cause, that's a really shitty experience for all involved - especially less than two weeks before the system launches.

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