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Mighty Max

Mighty Max

I had completely forgotten about Mighty Max until my friend Lee reminded me about it recently. It was a line of British toys that ended up with an American cartoon series to help promote them. The cartoon's titular character was voiced by Rob Paulsen, who's better known as the voice of Raphael in TMNT.

The cartoon was a Sci-Fi action/adventure series about Max, a 12 year old boy who discovers a magical cap that can teleport him across dimensions.

The toys were pocket-sized adventure playsets of varying sizes. I had quite a few of these things when I was a kid. The one I remember most was Skull Dungeon. It opened up to reveal a mad scientist, a dead skeleton on the wall hidden behind a secret bookcase, and a Frankenstein's monster-like setup, complete with electric coils. The sets were incredibly creative, with hidden doors, movable levers, etc.

They were genuinely, really creative toys, and so much fun to play with. Girls may find them somewhat familiar, as they were made by the same company behind the Polly Pocket series, which my sister had plenty of. 

Those of you who grew up with Polly Pocket will likely be disappointed to find out that Polly Pocket grew up. She's now a staggeringly large three inches tall and doesn't come with the same kind of pocket-sized playsets you remember. So Polly Pocket still exists, but they're no longer pocket sized, which, to quote my friend Michelle, defeats the entire purpose. I know, I know; Lame.

The commercials below give a great look at the toys themselves and it brings back so many fond memories for me.

In addition, the cartoon series is also available on YouTube:

Check out some more photos of the adventure sets below.

The World Wide Web

The World Wide Web

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