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Nintendo/Sony Playstation prototype surfaces

Nintendo/Sony Playstation prototype surfaces

Andrew Reiner, writing for GameInformer:

After the Nintendo/Sony CD project was canceled, rumors swirled through the industry that working prototypes existed, but the machine had never been seen in the wild...until now. Images of the prototype appeared on Reddit and Assembler Games overnight by someone who clams to be the son of a businessman who worked for Sony. This machine, if real, is priceless, and shows us just how close Sony and Nintendo came to co-releasing a system. Hopefully we find out soon whether it still functions and what’s on that cartridge.

The whole story behind Nintendo and Sony is one of my favourite moments in video game history. It's a tale of rivalry, Japanese dishonour and revenge, and it is glorious.

And now there are photos of this Sony/Nintendo Playstation prototype gathering dust in some guy's house. Given the yellowing of the console, which was common at the time with the plastic that Nintendo was using, I'm pretty confident that this is legit. The connectors on the back are also standard ones that Nintendo used on the SNES, the N64 and the GameCube, so it shouldn't be too hard to get it up and running again (assuming everything else is working okay).

The article has a few more photos of this priceless relic, and is really worth a look.

If you're not familiar with the Sony/Nintendo partnership which culminated in pure rivalry, you should check out the Play Value video below, which gives a brilliant overview of how the Sony Playstation (PSX) was born. 

Play Value is, incidentally, one of my favourite video series about the history of the video game industry. They only made 22 episodes, but all of them are top notch. And if you're interested in that side of history, I highly recommend watching them, in addition to all five seasons of Machinima's fantastic All Your History series.

Tomy's Lights Alive

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