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Venom casts Eddie Brock in his classic role as a not-particular-nice investigative reporter, who is looking into rumours around the Life Foundation, a shady bio-med company that has been testing an alien lifeform on vulnerable 'volunteers'.

After breaking into their lab, Eddie becomes infected, and starts developing some strange powers and hearing a demonic voice that speaks in his head.

Beyond the synopsis: The heads of Marvel Studios and Sony have been contradicting each other over whether Venom would exist alongside Tom Holland's Spider-Man. Holland won't be in Venom, and although the film has no other connection to the MCU, Sony chief Amy Pascal said that Spider-Man and Venom operate in the same world, and that one day their paths could cross. Given that Spider-Man has previously always been a pivotal part of Venom's origin story, it will be interesting to see what story they have in mind.
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