Illustration by  Joel Duggan .

Illustration by Joel Duggan.

About this site

I’m a British ex-pat living in Nova Scotia, Canada. I was born in the North of England in the early 80s and grew up utterly fascinated by science fiction, superheroes, and film in general. Or, as I’m sure my parents would be quick to tell you; I had a misspent youth.

Now years later, I like to write retrospective pieces on some of the films and TV shows that both inspired and influenced me growing up. Hopefully you’ll find some favourites to reminisce over, or perhaps you might even discover some old classics you may not have gotten around to yet.

In the Upcoming Releases section of this site, you’ll also see some of the films and shows I’m looking forward to seeing. If you’re into Sci-Fi, Superhero films, Disney, Pixar, and the like… you might even find it to be an indispensable list to keep track of what’s coming out over the next few years.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my work. If you like what I do here, you can also find me as an intermittent guest on The Citadel Cafe podcast and on Twitter as @iMcFly.