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Season 8

Whilst we don’t have a description for season 8 yet, what we do know is that it will be the final season in the series. It will also be a shorter run at only 10 episodes.

Ever since Oliver’s identity was revealed to the world, there’s been a bit less intrigue in the show. The flashback scenes also caught up to present day, resulting in them giving us some flash-forward episodes which didn’t feel anywhere near as compelling. And the standard long season length common with a lot of US shows made it feel like it was dragging on.

Steven Amell had also expressed that he didn’t want the show to outstay its welcome, and so it’s my understanding that that’s part of the reason for ending the show’s run in Season 8. And that’s reassuring, as now is definitely the right time to do so if they want to give it a satisfactory conclusion.

Even when Arrow ends, it wouldn’t surprise me if Oliver makes a few cameo appearances within the Arrowverse he helped kickstart. But for now, I’m glad the show is ending before it truly jumps the shark, and I’m intrigued about what’s left for Oliver before he hangs up the hood.

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