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Artemis Fowl

Time to believe.

Artemis Fowl II, a young Irish criminal mastermind, kidnaps the fairy LEPrecon officer Holly Short for ransom to fund the search for his missing father in order to restore the family fortune.

I’ve read the synopsis, and I’ve read the trailer, and I’ll wholeheartedly admit that I still don’t feel like I have a good grasp about what the movie is about.

It’s based on a collection of eight science-fiction fantasy novels by Irish author Eoin Colfer, and according to Wikipedia the series has received “a very positive critical reception and generated huge sales”. So no wonder they’re making a movie.

Also, given that there are eight books, I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney are planning on at least as many movies with this one.

But even with my confusion and unfamiliarity with the series, I did notice that one of the books has the title “The Time Paradox”, and I do love myself a good time paradox. So, on my list it goes…

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