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Top Gun: Maverick

Feel the need.

Plot currently undisclosed.

I wasn’t always that much of a fan of Top Gun, owing mostly to the fact that I saw the spoof Hot Shots! first, making that my go-to fighter pilot flick as a kid.

Even so, I still have a remarkable respect for the original movie, especially when it comes down to Tom Cruise’s performance in it.

I don’t normally link to videos in these pieces other than to movie trailers, but as an exception I highly recommend watching [‘Tom Cruise: Anatomy of an Actor’ author] Amy Nicholson’s video essay entitled Why You’re Wrong About Top Gun. Well worth the watch and will likely give you a newfound appreciation for the impressive subtleties of Cruise’s performance in the first film.

I’m looking forward to seeing a more experienced Maverick and finding out if he still feels the need for speed. That being said, where’s my Hot Shots!: Part Trois?!

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