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The Lion King

The King has returned.

Simba, the son of Mufasa and the Prince of the Pride Lands, hopes to follow in his father's footsteps. Mufasa's brother, Scar, plots to betray Mufasa and take over the Pride Lands, forcing Simba into exile, where he meets Timon and Pumbaa. Simba has to make an alliance and rebuild himself fully to take what is rightfully his.

The Lion King is the latest instalment in the latest live-action re-imaginings of Disney’s classics. Are they necessary? Probably not. But for me they’re still entertaining, and it’s interesting seeing a live-action spin on things. The CGI shown in the trailer is also incredibly well done, with remarkably realistic fur.

As a Brit, I’m actually thrilled with the casting of John Oliver as Zazu. It’ll make for an intriguing contrast to the work that Rowan Atkinson did in the 1994 original. Donald Glover and Beyoncé lending their voices to Simba and Nala is no doubt going to result in an amazing soundtrack, but nothing has me more excited than the return of James Earl Jones as Mufasa. In the same way he captured the voice of Darth Vader as something almost irreplaceable, it’s hard to envision anyone else having the gravitas to pull off Mufasa in the way that he did. So his return is somewhat magnificent, and has probably helped to keep the internet mobs at bay.

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